Laboratory, Quality Assurance and Research & Development

Our central laboratory and various satellite labs are strategically located throughout the facility to ensure the highest quality products.

- Our Senior Technician is an American Oil Chemist Society (AOCS) certified chemist in edible fats and oils.
- We are Kosher certified, including Circle U
- We provide Certificate of Analysis (COA) with every shipment
- We have a HACCP Program
- We have a recall plan that is audited annually
- We have a Pest control program administered by an outside contractor


Letter to Customers


GMA-SAFE Program (National Food Processors Association)
We have successfully completed the GMA-SAFE Supplier Audit for Food Excellence, which measures performance, facilities, procedures, HACCP-Based food safety systems, quality, management, production and regulatory compliance.

Commodity Timing Decisions
Golden Brands retains an industry analyst who keeps us current on the commodity oil market status and provides risk management information to our sales representatives. We also employ a commodity trader located in Chicago who has been trading in the vegetable oil market for nearly 50 years.
Transportation & Delivery Performance
To ensure our customers receive the most efficient and economical means of delivery:

- We maintain a fleet of trailers and tanker trucks
- A fleet of railcars accessible to the Paducah and Louisville railroad spur
  contiguous to our site.

- We retain documentation of each delivered load, date, time and inspection
- Our inspections ensure that each trailer/tanker or railcar whether ours or customer
   pick ups is clean, free of spoils, debris, odors, etc.